Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello from Alvear!

     Wow, this week has been crazy! Sounds like a great busy week at home though. Dad, I sure hope you have been able to catch up on your lack of sleep. But hey, if you add up all of your naps thoughout the day that should add up to about 8 hours or so right haha just kidding! Sounds like the kids are tearing it up in sports, way to represent!! And we may have a little Clay huh? I like it! Looks like Festus has been replaced by Dolly and Retha, poor guy! Grandpa, I absolutley love that definition of faith that you sent me. Thank you! Ooh, Dad, those nachos at the u of a game sounded good haha. Just add some churizo on top and that would make it complete it haha!
     So it was super hard saying the goodbyes in Rodeo del medio. Especially when Hermana  Gutierrez starting crying when i left their house for the first time. And then with the Familia Vasquez as well. A lot harder than I was expecting!
    Well Elder Flores is a great guy and missionary. His is 25 and is from Hidalgo Mexico. Its crazy how much better my spanish already is since I forced to speak it just about 24/7 with him. Elder Flores and I are just about complete oppisites, but work well with eachother. He reminds me a lot of the quilting Elder that served at home haha. He enjoys knitting and all of that good stuff. But he is the most loving guy and is always serving me. Already twice this week I got out of the shower and there sitting next to my bed are my shoes shined and spotless. But I am excited to work with him.
     Alvear is so different than Rodeo del medio. Rodeo was so much campo and poor people. But here its more city and most the people here are a little better off! We have a branch here in Alvear, but it is a pretty good sized branch. We have many good members, but most of them are older Elderly couples. But they are so great and are willing to come out with us. There is one family that kind of takes in the missionaries here, the Familia Lucero. They have 3 daughters and remind me so much of my very own sisters. The oldest is like Tara. Kind of acts all mature and kind of like another mother haha. Then there is Yessica, and yes she is exactly like Jess and Jordan. Super loud, but fun. Then they have little sweet Malina. She doesnt talk a whole lot. but when she does its exactly like Nae Nae. Her little sweet voice and you can barely hear her haha!
    So we a few good investigators here in Alvear. One is Antonia. She is 76 years old and is hilarious. Always cracking jokes haha! But they found her right before I got here, and as soon as they taught her the first lesson she dropped all smoking, drinking, everything. And hasnt touched it since. But she came to church yesterday and loved it, and we set a fecha with her for the 28th of this month, and she is super excited for you it!
    We talked to a lady on Saturday named Perla. She is an older lady and was doing yard work in front of her house. We went and asked if we could help her and she politely declined and we just continued talking. and then we asked if she believed in Christ and this was when she got pretty angry and was saying that she kinds of believe in him, but not a lot. I could tell that she believes in him, but is angry at him right now. We later found out that she has a son who was killed by a drunk driver like 15 years ago. We told her that she can live with him again and she was like no, you have never experienced this. And she was right, i havent. But i had to use what i had. So I pulled out a picture of Tyrell and handed it to her. told her what happened, and bore testimony to her that I can live with him with him again and promised her that she could live with her son again. This softened her heart a little bit and invited us. She asked to only say a prayer for her, that she can recieve that same knowledge for herself. So we did and the tender mercy of the Lord came when she asked if we could came back. So we will be going back to see her this week again. I am super excited for that lesson haha!

     Well, I am excited for tomorrow. We have a chance to meet with one of the 70 for a meeting tomorrow in San Rafael. So we have to take the bus like 2 hours, but will be so worth it! I love you all so much and thank you for everything. Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you next week!

Elder Wengert-W9

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