Monday, August 19, 2013

Life is great!!

Hello from Rodeo del Medio!
     First of all Mom, the reason I got all seven letters at the same time is because they all get sent to the mission office, then we have to wait until we see somebody from the offices of somebody in the zone or district has the chance to go to the offices!! And packages are just unpredictable, maybe they are coming or maybe the people in Buenos Aires opened and took my stuff who knows haha! But this week we had intravistas (interviews) with Presidente Avila, which was awesome. He seriuosly such a great guy. And this interview was so much better than my last one because he doesnt know english, but I was able to actually understand him and talk to him this time, it was great!! But I recieved some mail this time too! I got my birthday package from you Mom!! Thank you so much for the shirt and ties Mom, and family! They were great! Then Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rowe, thank you sooo much for the package. One thing Argentina lacks here is candy. They dont really have any. But real american candy was so great! And Lisa and Rowe, you must have had some revelation or something, because that stick of deoderant came at the perfect time haha! I had just finished off my last one that morning and I was dreading having to buy more here since it is pretty expensive. Then mom, I recieved some wonderful letters from the Houstons and the Kimbers. Could you tell them thank you so much, and that I am putting a letter in the mail for them very soon! And man, I am so excited, another little niece or nephew on the way!! So excited. But will it be 3 new nephews or 2 nephews with a little niece to come home to. Man, this is all just so exciting. But Amy, I am so sorry about your Grandma. I hope it all works out for you and for her. But just remember, the Lord has control over it and he knows what is best for all of us! But know that I am praying for you!
      So this week was pretty good. Oh Dad, so after the treck about a year ago, I promised myself I would never eat corn meal mush again. And guess what I had at one of our member lunches, a huge bowl of corn meal mush. And im talking like 3 pounds of this stuff!! They put a little drop of this chili stuff on top which was supposed to help I guess, but yea, it didnt. But some how I was able to finish it haha!
     So exciting news form here, we had 2 new investigators attend church with us yesterday! It was so awesome! The ward was so... ah dang what is the word haha, oh welcoming haha sorry! But they felt so loved and were even participating in the lessons and answering questions! It was way cool. And the Familia Vasquez came, and one other!! So we had 7 investigators at church! It is so cool how it is making the ward excited too. They see us having some success so they are like wow, its acually possible. I think we will help them now! So slowly the work is growing here in Rodeo del Medio. We found an awesome new this week as well named Natalia. We were contacting a less active on the ward list, but we knocked on the wrong house on accident, and found Natalia haha. She just let us right in and we taught her the Restoration. She is really interested, so we are returning this week to teach her about the wonderful Plan of Salvation! But the Lords helps us out so much and guides us to people who need the gospel and are prepared. Even by something as simple as having you not realize that you are knocking on a different house, and that you are actually in a whole different neighborhood haha! But it is amazing to see these daily miracle stake place!
     Sounds like home is nice and busy as usual! Dad, are you improving with your Mr. Mom skills? The kids are nice and busy with sports. And man, the high school has turf? I basically played in dirt there!! Mom, how is seminary treating you? Sounds extremely tough, time consuming, but very rewarding. Well, have an amazing and thank you so much for all you do! I love you all!

Elder Derek Wengert-W9

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