Monday, August 5, 2013

Letter to home!!!

Hello from Argentina!!!
    Kind of a crazy week here in Rodeo del Medio! Got my new companion Elder Fox, from Washington! Everybody thought Elder Johnson and I were crazy because we both are pretty tall. But Elder Fox is even taller haha. But he is way awesome, and we just been having a blast since he got here! Sounds like the week for all of you was great! Crazy like usual, but great! That is crazy that school already starting up! Mom was your first day of seminary today, or does that not start up until next week? Nae Nae, you had your first day of high school today!!! How was it for you? When do hihg school sports start up? Jordan is doing volleyball, and Naes is doing swimming right? and Tan Man! You are wearing glasses, yea!! You are probably rockin them and getting all the girls at school because you are not only wearing your new glasses, but you are the big bad 6th grader. Oh yea!! But i need to get a picture of you Tanno in them ok! Dad, dont worry about the cold here.It is already starting to warm up here! So by the time the stuffa gets here we wont even need it anymore!!
     Well this week I probably had the most awkward lunch appoitment so far. We showed up to the house right as the husband was pulling up from work. And as he pulled in he ran over their dog and killed it. So the whole time his wife is crying and they are fighting about whose fault it was haha. Elder Fox and I kind of just sat their trying to think of what we could do to help haha! But yea, a little interesting!              
      So Elder Fox and I got really close to attending an Evangelic church yesterday! We had an investigator tell us that she would attend our church, but only if we went to her church with her! But of course she didnt show up. So we wanted to show her that us missionaries keep our promises. So we went to her house 15 minutes before her church started and she is like um yea I couldnt go to your church today, and now I cant go to mine either haha. Wow!! That is one problem about here in Argentina. Argentines arent the best at keeping their promises, but thats ok! We still love um haha!
       Well we didnt have a real chance to sit down and teach Laura. But we were able to stop by and invite her to church. Unfortunately she couldnt make it, but she was so excited to see us and invited us in for a few minutes. So she is still excited about learning and she still looks promising. Yesterdays church was a little frustrating though. We had 7 investigators commited to coming to church, and not one of them came for a grand total of 0!! The first time on the mission that has happened to me. But thats alright. That just means a little more work this week!
    Saturday we went and worked the afternoon in Colonial Bombalm, the area next to us and did a white wash (the district went out along with priesthood of the ward and visited people to invite them to the rededication of their chapel there). But Elder Fox and I visited a guy named Trevor. A less active from the states. He works for the CIA and lives here in Argentina. He even served his mission here in Mendoza. But it was so wierd to teach him in english haha. But we got him and his family to committ to coming to the rededication. So hopefully it all works out with him. But also I talked to one of the ward members there who just got home from his mission 3 weeks ago named Nahuel Ovilpatay. But I told him I was from Arizona and he was like, yea I served with an Elder from Tucson. So I asked what the name was and he was like, Elder Parker haha! Yea, he served with Nick Parker in Chile. So of course he wanted a picture to put on facebook and show Nick haha! It is such a small world. So crazy!!
     Well everybody, thank you so much for everything! Im loving life, and I couldnt be happier. I love you all!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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