Monday, August 12, 2013

Another week in Argentina!!

 Hello everybody!!
     Thank you for all of the letters Mom and family. I got like 7 from you this week from the offices. They were from like 2 months ago, but thants alright. I still loved reading them! And yea!! 2 more nephews on the way, so exciting!! Do you have any names picked out or anything? Mother dear- Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you got treated nice for it, except for Dad thinking you were 52 and not 51 haha. But its ok Dad, we all mess up at times haha. Sounds like seminary is going good for you Mom. Do you happen to have Jordan or Janae in your class? And who are the other teachers? And sounds like your schedule is kind of turning Dad into Mr. Mom haha! That is crazy how many missionaries there is from the stake. And Tabitha is putting her papers in too! That is so awesome! Keep me updated as calls start to come in please!
     So for your question Dad. Spanish is coming along pretty well. Im able to carry a conversation on alright. There are the times for sure where I have no idea what they are talking about, so I have to just kind of play it off and hope they dont ask me a question about it haha. But Im not thinking or dreaming in it yet! Maybe someday!
    Mother, everyone on there missions had there time of thanking you for certain things, and here goes mine as well haha. Thank you for all of those years of piano lessons. I know I was a paine, but it was all worth it. I play every sunday and the ward loves it. For many of the childeren, it has been there first time hearing somebody actually play the piano. And this past week and started teaching piano lessons to a few members of the ward. The meet me at the church each miercoles and we have a quick 30 min lesson! So all of that yelling and making me practice is even benifiting people 6000 miles away. Thank you again!!
    So we had a much better week this week! Yesterday the family of Said came to church, and even with the olderst daughter Lizbet. The loved it. Then after church the mother Hermana Vasquez came up to Elder Fox and I and asked us if she could pay her tithing! We about fell over onto the ground, because we havent even taught her about tithing yet. We found out the Said had taught not just the main lessons like the plan and the restoration with his family, but many of the commandments haha! It was so touching, because they dont have all that much money. The whole family works as harvesters on a potatoe farm. They all are so ready for baptism, we just need permission from the Dad. But he is moving back home with the family from Bolivia on August 20th. So we will talk to him then! A family who is truly prepared by the Lord!
     So last night we attended an Evangelic church with one of our investigators becasue she said she will come to our church next week if we come with her. So we show up and at first they were not happy to see us. But they warmed up to us and really welcomed us in. Then church started and it was way fun. Everybody is sing their praises to God, claping their hands, and really getting into it. And im not going to lie, the music was pretty catchy. It was kind of wierd how the pastrue would yell out ´´¿Quien vive?´´ and everybody else yells ¡Cristo! But then after an hour of singing and chanting it really got wierd. People would come up to the woman pasture and ither people up front, and they start trying to perform miracles. Anything from a headache to cancer. One old man was being healed to walk again. After everybody is yelling and stuff for him and the man is yelling our ¡Yo creo! or I believe, he gets up and couldnt walk. The pasture is just like you dont have enough faith. Then one happens where Im not sure what was wrong. She was twitching and flailing around. Maybe she was possesed. Im not sure. But everybody is screaming and yelling at her, holding there hands out towards her. I have never been so scared. Literally, I was just like I need to get out of here! But I just felt terrible for these people. They all of great people and have great faith. They just are a little confused and are using that faith in the wrong way. They would make great members. We talked to many of the members after, so hopefully it will help us get through a few doors! So interesting experience, hopefully it pays off haha!
     Sounds like everything is good at home! Thank you for everything. For your love and support. I look forward to hearing from next week. I love you all!

Elder Wengert-W9

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