Friday, May 3, 2013

3 more days!!

Hello everybody!!!

So monday morning, 4 am, I leave to go to the New Hampshire, Manchester mission to serve until I get my visa. I seriously am so excited and cant wait. I know this is where the Lord needs me right now before I get to go to Argentina.The only thing I am a little nervous about is the spanish speaking population in New Hampshire and how much I will get to use my the spanish I have, I just don't want to lose what I have learned here at the MTC and have to learn it all over again when I get to Argentina. But it will all work out! But there are so many people getting re-assigned. My whole district got re-assigned except for one Hermana who is scheduled to stay at the MTC for another because they ran out of re-assignments. But we are all basically in the four corners of the US. Seatle Washington, Tempe Arizona, Orlando Florida, and then Manchester New Hampshire. So we are all really excited. Man Mom, sorry I didnt get to talk to you yesterday. I tryed calling you first and you answered, but after you said hello it cut off and I wasnt able to get back through to you. So I called Dad. But it was so good to hear form you Dad. Just hearing your voice was great. But I will get to call Monday. Im hoping to call when everybody is there. When would be the best time for that? I will be at the airport pretty early, so I can even try calling before seminary and everything. Just let me know! Well Elder Varney and I just got released as Zone Leaders last night, and I have to say, its pretty nice haha. As much as I enjoyed it, its pretty nice not having to have all these meetings, and have Sunday all planned out, and all that responsibility haha. We just get to prepare to leave. Well I hosted Wednesday but I never got to see Randy while hosting. And after hosting Elder Varney and I had to go to what is called "Beginning Teaching". Which is an activity where all the new missionaries that came in that day watch missionaries teach a few lessons and kind of learn from that. But Elder Varney and I were recommended by the teachers to be those example missionaries. It felt so easy since it was in english haha! But we get invited in by the investigator and we walk into the house. I look out into the audience and right there in the front row is Elder LaFaye. Man it was so good to see, and after I got to give him a hug and talk for a few minutes. Great!! Dad, sounds like good times, playing out at Red Rock. Sorry I couldnt make it haha! Well we had a way awesome experience on Tuesday with TRC. We taught a man named Nathon, and he was an RM who served in the Dominican Republic and has been home for a little over a year. But we got into how he wants to help his friends who have gome innactive but they live in Nevada and he here is going to school here in Utah. But we helped him a bit with that. But at the end we felt prompted to ask him to share his testimony with us, and he just broke down in tears. After a few minutes of crying he shared such a powerful testimony with us and then we shared ours with him. After he thanked us and said he needed that. But then yesterday we recieved a package in the mail from him that had some of the mini preach my gospels, some snacks, and then way awesome letter. He said before he was doubting his testimony and the truthfulness of the gospel and through us he was able to rediscover that testimony of his. I just put a copy of the letter in the mail for you. Thought you would appreciate a copy of it. Devin, it was so good to see you! How is everything at home? Nae's Im still waiting on your pic? haha! Jordy, im sorry to hear about  your game, but sounds like you had a good season! And way to make good decisions. Jess, sounds like you are dong so awesome. Im so happy for you!! Well I hope you all have a great week,  my next email will be coming to you from New Hampshire haha! Love you all so much!
Elder Wengert - W9

Hermano Woodhouse and I. Such an awesome teacher!!

Provo Temple

Mission vehicle

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