Monday, May 20, 2013

      Wow, That truly is amazing about Dominic!! That just made my day!! He is just a great guy!! But Dallin and Amy, congrats with the baby!!! I am so excited!! Well it's been a pretty good week. Suk (Mom I told you about her, the one from Napoli) but she is a recent convert, but we are teaching her 18 year old son Prokash. And we have a baptismal date for him on June 23rd!! He tells us all the time that he wants to be a missionary. And he already is sharing his testimony with his friends. His last lesson he had two of his friends over to hear it and he had already showed them the video Finding Faith in Christ. So awesome. And then Suk and Prakash wanted us to come with them to a party for her niece turning 1. So we went wanting to meet her family and some new investigators. So we walk in and this little apartment is filled with like 50 Nopali people. But they all stand up and come running to us, shaking our hands, and offering us there seats. They sit us down and give us this huge plate of traditional Nopaoli food. For the most part like half of the dishes werent too bad, but the other half we had to choke it down haha! And it was like the hottest food ever. I thought my mouth was literally on fire. They just sat there laughing at us! But while we are eating they start taking picture after picture with us. Even worse than you Mom! But they are incredible. I just love the culture and they are the most loving people. We are teaching a few of them this week. We met an inactive family yesterday called the Katsikas. But just an amazing family. they have 4 kids. but the oldest is stevie who is 9 but hasnt been baptised yet. So we start teaching him tomorrow. He is terrified of water so w e will have to figure something out haha!! Well we got stopped by a jehovah witness a few days ago and he thought he had us but we simply just testified to him. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he is like "good, now I can find fault in it". And then Elder Lozano simply said "Christ, the perfect man, and they still found fault in him". Kind of shut this guy up and he just walked away. Way cool experience. Sounds like everything is going really good with everybody. I love your e-mails and pictures. Jordan, in your dodgeball picture, holy cow, you look so much like Tara, so crazy haha!!! Tan sounds like fathers and sons was fun! Im jealous you got all of the fajitas. And Nae Nae, way to jump up the big waterfall and show all the boys how its done!! Thats my sis!! Reminded me of an 75 foot cliff I jumped off of on a scout trip one time!! I was freaking out so bad and finally just went for it haha!! Jess, sounds like you are doing so great!! I get a tiny idea of your experience being here in New England. Some people have that very heavy english accent!! Well I love you all so Much and cant thank you enough for your love and support!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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