Monday, May 13, 2013

New Hampshire!!

Hello everybody!!
     Happy Mothers Day to all of the amazing mothers out there. It was so nice to hear from Mom, Jordy, and Tan-Man!! Sounds fun back at home, but not as fun here in NH haha! Well I am in a three-some right now. They kept Elder Varney and I together and our trainer Elder Lozano from LA is double training us. It was way fun. But we are assigned to the South Manchester area. So were are basically right in the ghetto of Manchester. We meet so many interesting people here, but you just have to love them no matter how many teeth they have, smell terrible of a mixture of 10 different drugs, or what they just got of prison for haha! But there is actully quite a bit of Spanish speaking opportunities here. Probably 50% of our time is in spanish right now!! We have already had some amazing experiences already. We were trying to find a referral that we had received saturday but the address was only the corner of a certain intersection, and there is four corners. So we go to every house, and it starts poring rain like crazy!! And no luck, we never found her. But instead there is a teenage girl named Tianna sitting on her steps just watching the rain haha! But we start talking to her and her mom comes out so we talk to them and put them under our umbrellas. So we are taching them while we are getting soaking wet. But end of story we have a return appointment with them and it looks very promising, especially with the daughter Tianna. And after that we had dinner and a meeting at bishop Dixons house. But we felt so bad because our suits since they were so wet smelt like wet dog our something haha. But it was good. We got to meet the ward yesterday which was way awesome. Many of them are your typical Marana people haha. With their tennis shoes, no teeth, and talk to you straight for the whole 3 block period. But they are so great and I look forward to workign with them. Well I am almost out of time. I hope you all have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you! Love you all!!

Elder Wengert- W9

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