Monday, December 22, 2014


   Hello everybody and Merry Christmas!! What an amazing time be a missionary! Im glad to hear that everybody is doing great! Jess, shoulder injuries are the worst. You may try sleeping on the couch with your shoulder propped up against the back. That helped me a lot to sleep! Im so excited to see all of you on Thursday!! I cant even believe it is Christmas. It is too hot here and no christmas decorations. But oh well, it has helped me a lot to focus on how Christ truly is the gift and this is his time!! What are all of your plans for christmas?? Mom, I have 2 of my christmas packages so far, so thank you so much. And tomorrow we have a mission christmas party in Mendoza, so hopefully there will be a few more there!!
    So I am now here in Retiro in Chimbas San Juan. It has been way fun because like 6 months ago when I was Benavidez I had to spend a day in this area and a bunch of the members still remembered me. But I am here with my new boy, Elder Hernandez from Mexico. He is a brand new 18 year old missionary and a convert of 2 years. He is really great and we have gotten along very well so far. The ward here is way awesome. They called a new bishop only 3 months ago, Obispo Colombo. But he is only 29 years old and has really gotten this ward excited about missionary work. 
    We met with and are working now with a man named Diego Saez. His mom and siblings are converts of about 3 years and are way solid members. But Diego was pretty upset when they all got baptised and told them that he would never go to church. But about 4 months ago he had a motorcycle accident and felt like he should have died. He took that as a sign and then as soon as he could walk again (like 3 weeks ago) started going to church with his family to begin to change his life around. He is a great guy. he just doesnt want to get baptised until his is 100% sure that it is true. So we are going to keep working with him and take care of that haha! So we have some good things going for us here in Retiro.
    Well, sorry that its a little shorter this week. I can share more on thursday!!! I love you all so much and look forward to seeing each and everyone one of you. Have a wonderful christmas filled with the true christmas spirit: our Savior Jesus Christ!

Elder Wengert - W9

1. Elder Hernandez and I.
2. Goodbye to San Luis!

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