Monday, December 29, 2014

Here comes 2015!!!

    Wow, it was so awesome to see you all. Except everybody is so big. Tanner is more like a man with his low voice and everything, and my sisters are gorgeous!! You girls are lucky im coming home soon haha! Mom, you are still famous here since everybody got a kick out of you haha. You are the best! And Dad, Elder Hernandez could tell right away that you lived in Chihuahua for a bit. He said you had a little more of a northern accent and were saing things like ´´que le hace´´. So good job! Everybody else (especially Mom), we will work on your spanish later haha. But seriously, thank you so much for skyping, and sorry that we didnt have the best connection. But hey, it was still worth it!!
   Well, this week, we didnt have much time to work with the mission Christmas party on Tuesday, Christmas eve, and then Christmas day where we could only leave the pench to skype. But even with the limited time, we were able to see some sweet miracles! Fist, we had a stake activity with some of the YSA´s where we went to the main plaza in San Juan centro to pass out the ´´He is the Gift´´ cards and talk about the true meaning of Christmas. But of the YSAs was Belén Sanchez, my convert from Benavidez. We got to talk for a bit afterwards and it was so great to hear about how strong she still is in the gospel. She is now in the Young Womens presidency and is even thinking about serving a mission. It was amazing to see her and her growth after 6 months. But the biggest miracle happened on Saturday when we found Margarita, a woman super prepared by he Lord. Margarita met with the missionaries back in 2012 and was very close to be getting baptized. She had the inerview and everything. But because of some negative feelings from her husband, it ended up not happening. We found her teaching record in the area book friday night and decided to pass by Saturday morning. We got to her little apartment, clapped at the door, and she answered with the biggest smile ever on her face as if she was expecting us. She let us in and told us as we were sitting down ´´I knew you two would come´´. She then told us about how she has been reading the Book of Mormon ever since she talked to the missionaries 3 years ago. She never went to church or was baptised out of fear from her husband. But she said that she is tired of this as is now ready to do whatever is necesary to follow Christ. That morning she had prayed, asked the Lord to bring the missionaries back to her home, and then sat down to wait for us to come. Two hours later was when Elder Hernandez and I passed by her home. There are still many problems with her husband and the rest of her family, and for this reason she wasnt able to go to church yesterday. But she is going to spend this week studying and praying to know what she should do to best follow Christ at this time. So if you could, please keep Margarita in your prayers. She is an incedibe woman with incredible desires to accept the gospel.
   So everything is going great here in Retiro. Hot but good. But atleast we have a AC unit (if you can even call it that haha) in our bedroom making it atleast possible to sleep at night. During the day is another story, but no heat is stopping us. Thank you so much for your love and everything you do. I love you and hope you have an amazing New Years!!

Elder Wengert - W9

PS-Sorry, my first email got erased right as i finished it, so thats why this one isnt as good haha!

1. Belén and I.
2. After the stake activity

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