Monday, December 15, 2014

Here comes #4!!

   Well hello everybody!! Another busy and great week for the Wengert family. Jordan, you looked absolutley beatiful!! It´s probably a good thing that im coming home pretty soon haha! Tan, way to go in basketball. Soundsl like guys are really playing well! Jess, sounds like all of those guys in Logan area going for you haha. And good luck with you shoulder surgery! Jordy and Naes, good luck with CDO. Take it to them!! I am super excited to be able to see you all and talk for a bit. The best christmas present I could ask for!! 
    Well this was probably the craziest and busiest week of my mission so far. Elder Rabanales and I were just having to run around all week with Zone Meeting, service for a family in the ward, taking care of the zone, zone conference, stake conference, and still trying to balance our area and investigators. But it was still a great week!! Darío is still going very strong and his testimony just continues to grow. Right he is trying to get one of his friends, Kevin, to meet with us. And the best news is that this sunday Darío will be recieving the preisthood. He is just doing way awesome!! Cristian is also doing way good as well. He wasnt able to come to church yesterday because he has his little 2 year old daughter in Buenos Aires sick with cancer, so he was there visiting her. But he got back yesterday afternoon and we were able to meet with him. He knows he has a lot to change, but he is so willing to do it and is exciting for the order and peace the gospel with bring to his life.
    So since we had Zone Conference on friday and then stake conference saturday and sunday, we had the privilege of having President and Hermana Goates here in San Luis for three days. They always bring so much love, enthusiasm, and a powerful spirit with them. I remember one thing that Elder Christofferson taught us when he came here to Mendoza. He said that a huge part of our missiona calls and being assigned to this specific place was our mission president, and I have really been able to see that. Each and everyone of my mission presidents President Wilky, President Ávila, and now President Goates have each had such a huge impact on my mission and my life. What a blessing to be around such specail servants of the Lord! And yesterday I had a special experience with President Goates. We were there in the chapel waiting for the stake conference to start. President Goates called me over, put his arm around me, and took me away from the other missionaries. We had a good heart to heart talk together with a spirit incredibly powerful. At the the end president told me ´´Elder Wengert I want to thank you for your time here in San Luis as a zone leader. You have worked wonders here in the work of the Lord. But now the Lord has a new calling for you. He would like you train one more time before ending the mission´´. So that is it. We now have finished another transfer and I will be now leaving San Luis to go back to Chimbas San Juan to train and wash the area of Retiro. So here comes #4. So I am way excited for this. I will be getting my new comp on Wednesday and after head out to San Juan. So here it is. This is what Iv been preparing for this whole. The last minute of the fourth quarter. Thanks to each and everyone of you I know what to do! Now I just have got To Do It!! Thank you so much. I love you all so much and will see you soon. Have a great week!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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