Monday, September 22, 2014

Time Flies!!!

   Well sounds like an exciting week all around!! Going to california, record breaking floods that didnt exist, dinner with Kade, belly flop competitions (way to go Naes, im so proud haha), and of course the amazing win from our beloved wildcats!! And way to not go to the game guys haha just kidding. But reminds me of when Dallin and his friends left early from the U of A vs Houston basketball game a while back and missed that come back as well! But its alright, I will have to rep some U of A aparrel today!! Mom, im glad to here you are finally finding a cure for your foot from your horse whisperer. Sounds a little wierd, but hey if its working going for it haha! 
    Now to start off my week, we now finished another transfer here in Pringles which means that we got those transfer calls last night. So Elder Olaya is leaving San Luis to go back to Mendoza and I am staying here with my new companion Elder Rabanalez from Guetemala. He is coming here to San Luis from Rodeo de la Cruz in Gueymallen, one of my last areas. So that will be a lot of fun to hear about how everthing is going there. He was there with Elder Thomas, one of my sons. So im pretty excited for this transfer. It is just crazy how fast the time is going by. This week all of the Hermanas from my mtc group go home which means that i will have completed my hermanas mission and now only have 4 transfers left. Gotta live it up while im here doing this amazing work!
    So all of you talked about this huge storm that was supposed to hit Tucson hard coming up the Baja of Mexico. Dad, you said that it luckilly just missed you guys. But i think maybe it just pulled a little u-turn and came down here to Argentina, because last week we had a rediculous strom hit here. Luckily we were walking past the church building right as it hit. But it was still super loud inside as the rain was coming down on the tin roofing. So we stayed there until it calmed down a little bit since we didnt have our coates with us. But when it calmed down a little bit, we braved the storm to get our coates and then head off to our appoitments. But we found ourselves with water up to our knees at certain points since San Luis is build more on these small hills that turned the streets into what was more like full running rivers haha. I wish i had my camera with me at the moment so that i could of gotten pictrues to show that im not exagerating at all haha! But it was actually pretty fun and makes for a good memory!
    So thank you so much for all of your prayers in behalf of me and my investigators. We still havent found Familia Ayala and things are still a litle difficult with Mario and Flauria. We taught them again last week, but Mario is slowly shutting himself out to us. Flauria really wants to come to church, but wont come unless Mario comes with her. But its alright. I believe in miracles and i know the Lord can soften his heart! But the real miracle from this week came from the familia Pallares, a less active family that are now reactivating themselves and working through the long process of marriage. But they are an amazing and special family. But Hermana Pallares called us this week wanting us to teach her 18 year old nephew, Agustine, who is now living with them. So we had a lesson with him and the family on Saturday and went super good! Then Agustine came to church with the family yesterday and he really liked it. Agustine is the man and im really excited to keep working with him. We are meeting up with him later today at 4 and with some other members to play some futbol!! So that will be a lot fun!
    Well, I hope you all have a great week once again. Good luck with seminary, sports, work, and everything you will be doing!! Oh, and general conference is almost here. Im way excited and cant wait!! I love you all so much and will talk to you next week!

Elder Wengert-W9

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