Monday, September 1, 2014

Miracles left and right!!

Hello everybody!!!
    First of all,i am sorry that this is going to be kind of a short one. We have to leave today at 2 to travel to Mendoza. All the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders have a meeting with president once a month, and since san luis is so far away from mendoza we have to travel today. And plus we went to a different cyber to email and while there the internet cut out on us! Dang it!! But its all good! Sounds like a good another good by crazy week in the Wengert household. Man, i would kill for some good mexican food right now. But is alright, im having more colombian food for lunch today! Jess, i was so proud to see you drinking mate. Did you like it? It is definatly a distinct taste,but i love it! I will get you all hooked on it when i get home haha! Amy, your play sounds way cool! Dad, what is the name of the QB of U of A? And is Kedeem still the running back?
   So real fast, this week was great. I personally only got to work in my area for about 3 days because the other four i was doing exchanges with elders in the zone. One of them was with elder Breindhold from Tucson Arizona. He graduated from Sabino. So that was way fun to talk about good´ol tucson with him. But when i was in my area, we were able to see many miracles take place! First, we talked to a family, familia Ayala, in the street one day. We happened to be right in front of the capilla, so we offered to to do a church tour with them. At the end we were gathered right in front of the baptismal faunt. We had them close their eyes and picture themselves dressed in white, getting baptised in that very faunt, and being cleansed from their sins through the atonement and the grace of christ. We gave them a moment to ponder and then asked the wife a question, but she was totally zoned out. After a sec she was like ´´oh sorry, i was just trying to comprehend how amazing baptism is. So right their we invited them to get baptised and they both excepted. They couldnt come to church yesterday, but we have an appitment set up with them this week. We also found another family this week, familia Lucero, who are a family of 18!! We only got in to say a prayer with them, but we also have an appoitment set up with them on Wednesday. They are a great family who could benefit so much from the gospel, so please pray for them and also familia Ayala!!
    It has been a little difficult with Patricia this week because she isnt very educated and it is very tough for her to understand the teachings of the book of mormon causing it to be pretty difficult for her to recieve her own testimony. But its alright. We have been passing by frecuently to read with her and explain the teachings. 
   Well, sorry, we have to go. Have a great week!! Good luck with all of your games and plays, keep drinking that mate Jess and say hello to Kade for me, and I love you all so much!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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