Monday, September 8, 2014

Another week!!

   Holy cow, how is it another week already?!! This has been such a crazy week, but great. I dont think it is possible to be more tired than i have been certain nights this past week. But it is alright! Somehow the lord gives just enough energy and strength to get up the next morning to do the same thing. It really is the best!!! Everybody sounds so great back at home. Jess and Kadie-Poo are still going strong haha. I now would like a picture Jess haha. Sounds like the kids are all doing great in sports! Tan, you are such a stud, i cant get over it. Jordy is the captain and Naes is dropping seconds left and right! Way to go! Ty and Levi started soccer too. So awesome! Dad, the other day we were eating lunch with some less active members and they put the Argentine basketball game on the last 5 minutes we were there. But i havent heard much about the US. Mom, you are the just the greatest seminary teacher ever. I want to be comps with you so that we can have some rockin comp studies!! 
    So this week was really good. We had consejo last Tuesday which was way awesome. It was all focused on the zones here in the mission and what we can do to help then. Tomorrow we also have zone conference with President Goates. But this time he is coming here to San Luis. So that is pretty exciting! 
    Last week, we werent able to get in contact with the Familia Ayala. They live really far out in a part called San Geronimo and dont have a phone. We went to the terminal to catch a bus to go out there last wednesday but didnt know that there was only one bus that goes out there everyday. So we have to plan out another day this week to go out there! But we found 2 amazing investigators this week. It may have been one of the most powerful moments as a missionary. Saturday night we tried to visit some less actives that we found in the ward list. So we went to the house and they didnt live there anymore. But instead we found Flauria there. We talked to her for a bit and she already so much faith and trust in the Lord. She asked us to back the next day when her husband was there. So we went by and they both let us in. Her and her husband, Mario, are a younger couple that have one little 6 year old and one more on the way. But as we began teaching, they both really opened up to us and trusted us. Flauria at one point stood up and starting talking to Mario saying that he has a few problems in his life (mostly with drinking) that he needs to change. Mostly to srenthen their family and to be a good example for their son. She told Mario that while she was talking with us the day before, she just knew that we were that help he needed. Even though Flauria didnt know exactly, she was testifying to Mario. with all the love of her heart, that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ that changes and blesses lives. Seeing that love that she has for him and for the lord, and her desire to abitlity to recognize the spirit just amazed me. And the best part is that Mario has his desires to change as well. He knows he needs to. So they asked us to keep coming by to help and bless their family. I am seriously so excited to go back to that house to teach them. That is what the mission is all about. Serving, loving, changing lives, and bringing those childeren of the Lord back to the path. No matter how far away they strayed or what they had done. They are still a child of God and are worth so much! And that is really the purpose of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. To allow one and all, no matter what is happening in your live, to come to Christ. To obtain and enjoy his grace. And what a marvelous privilege the mission is to share that worth and grace to everybody. I have seen that over and over and over in my mission. Teaching somebody so lost, but yet as they learn of the gospel you see that worth come out and they realize that they are still loved so much and are still a child of God. 
     Thank you so much for everything you do. I love you all so much and have a great week!!

Elder Wengert-W9

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