Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week 2

Hello mi familia,

How is everybody at home?! Sounds like everybody is doing pretty well in athletics. Expecially Jordan, way to go sis. Sounds like your doing way good on the mound. Naes, you have some shoes to fill haha. But life is good is here at the MTC. Not going to lie, I'm a little jealous of Jessie, i mean Hermana Wengert going to the field. But thats ok, because she is stuck in boring ol England and doesnt get to go to Argentina haha just kidding Jess! Speaking of Argentina, I met with the Argetentina consul yesterday and he signed off so we we should be getting our visas in the next few weeks. So its looking pretty promising of not getting re- assigned. But there have been so manny missionaries getting re-assigned. There has been probably like 20 in my zone alone. But Mendoza was seriously the very last mission to meet with the consul, so we are hoping that means our paperwork is on the top of the pile and we get ours even sooner haha! But if everything goes smoothly and as planned, I should be leaving for Argentina on May 6. Where we fly to Florida, to mexico, to peru, to Buenos Aires, then finally the airport in Mendoza. So only a nice short 16 hours of flying haha! So Dad, how did your Alpaca Festival go? Sounds like an interesting experience haha! Oh and Mom, really it doesn't matter if we use or the blog, whatever is easiest for all of you? Well I haven't heard anything for Elder Means yet. He was supposed to meet with his surgeon yesterday to see if needs surgery again. And if he does then it will one year until he can come back to serve. So I'm hoping to hear good  news from him soon. Well I always love Wednesdays because thats when all of the new missionaries come in. Its always fun to look for missionaries you know. We got a new district join our zone yesterday which was way nice because that means my district isnt the baby of the zone anymore! But p-days are always the best! We got to eat breakfast at the temple cafeteria again this morning and then go to a session. What a way to start off the day right!! So sunday we went on our temple walk which is always pretty nice and this lady overhears us talking in spanish, so she calls us over. And this lady may have been the biggest lady I have ever seen. Not that thats a bad thing, she was very nice haha! But she was in a wheel chair getting pushed by her husband who may have been the skinniest guy ever haha! But we find out that that she is from Chile and her husband is from here in America. She was a convert to the church and absolutely loves it. But since chile borders Argentina she knew quite a bit about Argentina so she told us all about it and about how good the food is there. Yes!!! But before we left she had us tell her son Nathan who was probably about 10, why he should serve a mission, but only using one word. It was actually realy cool and I never had thought about like that only using one word. So our District starts telling him obedience, love (for the lord and the people you serve), blessings, family, and then yourself (in the end, it is your decision). So what looked like what was going to be an interesting position turned out to be really cool! How is everything else going? Anything new going on? Tara and TJ, how are boys doing? Thank you so much for the pictures of them. The Hermanas in my zone just love those pics so much haha! They about died! Well I hope everybody has a wonderfuly week and I can't wait to hear from you again. Iove you all and miss you!
Elder Wengert - W9

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