Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 3

Hello everybody!!
How was the week for you all!! So Jessie quick comment. Sunday night devotional we had a talk from the director of media and technology and stuff like that is helping out missionary work. But most of what he talked about was a huge thing in England where there is just huge banners in the "the tube" about members in England and there testimonys. And they are on buses and just all over the place. Have you seen any of that or seen how it really helps the work go forth? But well this week has been crazy but great. Monday we had another lesson with our investigator named Victor and our teacher challenged us to go in to the lesson without any lessons, and so thats what we did. And well, it was the best lesson we have taught so far. It was just awesome to see how Lord helps us and can truly just tell us what to say. Some more good news. Tuesday night Devotional we had Elder Richard G. Scott come and speak to us, and it was probably the most powerful talk I have ever heard. He talked about faith and prayer. And during it he even gave us and apostolic blessing to all of the missionaries learning a language telling us that the Lord will bless us that we WILL learn the language if we do our part and that the Lord will never abandon us. It was so cool to see, and if that wasn't enough after the closing hymn the girl giving the prayer was on her way up and Elder Scott stops her and says "I want to say one more thing. Each and every one of you calls is of God. He is sending you into the field to succeed, not to fail. Once again, the Lord will never abandon you". It was just and amazing night and truly a special experience.
Well Sara came in yesterday and I was able to see her and talk to her for a few minutes. She seemed a little nervous, but hey who isn't nervous. I know I was so nervous haha! But she seemed really excited as well. So Festus has himself a little girlfriend huh?! Are the clinic employees going to throw him a wedding like they did his birthday party haha! Jordan, sounds like you are doing way good in softball. And you got your homeruns!! Way to go!!!! Have you gotten anymore since then? Nae Nae, good luck with your volleyball tournament this weekend, I'm sure you will win it all!! Tanno, hows baseball going? So grandpa Allen, today at lunch a member of the MTC presidency sat by us at ate with us. But he started talking about how he loves basketball, and so I told him how you played on that team on your mission in Australia. But he was like "he played on that team. They were like famous haha"! So you are pretty much a celebrity now haha. But I thought that was pretty funny. Jess England sounds and looks pretty amazing from your letters and pictures. Thank you for those! So small world, I found out last night that a sister in my district, Hermana Cox, went to high school with Kole! Crazy how that always happens. Oh and dad in my Zone there is an Elder Roundy so its pretty funny. Because we both know we are realted to Shadrack Roundy, we just call eachother cuz and stuff haha! Tara Jo, happy birthday and thank you for all of your packages, I can always count on you!!
Well still no word on our visas, but lets keep our fingers crossed! But a few Elders in my zone left this week, but got re-assigned until they can get there visas to go to Buinos Aires! Everything is great here at the MTC. I keep improving and am just loving it. The only thing I would like is maybe just a few more ties. Nothing specail, they can even be for DI haha. Its just that we have to dress up everyday, and the only thing we really are able to change is our ties haha. Thank you so much! Well I hope you have a wonderful week and I look forward to hearing from you. I love you and am so grateful for your love and support!
Elder Wengert-W9

Sister Wengert and I

You need to show Brother Rassmussen this one haha!

Elder Clawson and I. One of my good friends I made from the zone!

The district

Elder Varney, Elder Means, Me!


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