Monday, October 13, 2014

    Hello everybody!!! Sounds like a crazy and jam packed week for everybody and that Grandpas birthday party was rockin (like come on, what party isnt a success if there is food? even if its for an 80 year old haha). Hey Jess, so i keep hearing about Kade but i still dont have any details at all. All i know is that his first name is Kade and he also served his mission in England. Come on, help a brother out here haha! Clay, Shad, and Beau are just getting so big now. I feel like they will already be talking and driving by the time i get home! And Dad, you said you i must be a veteran because you didnt hear much about my winter. Well the real reason was that I got lucky and was in San Juan for the winter which is the hottest part of the mission. So i didnt really have a winter. I think i might have left the pench with a jacket on like 10 times the whole time. So i dodged a bullet there and wont have to deal with another winter until the end of 2015!! Mom, thank you so much my secret sib name. And I hope Ty didnt tell everybody who i have haha! But i will make sure to get that present in the mail pretty quick! 
   So this has been another great week here in San Luis!! Agustin is literally killing it and is such a stud! He was baptised and confirmed on Saturday and Sunday and then Sunday afternoon came out and worked with us for a few hours. During those lessons while he was testifying about certain principles, you never would have guessed that he was a convert of like 8 hours haha! Afterwards we ate an asado at his house with the Familia Pallares and the whole time he was telling us about how he loved feeling the spirit so strong during those lessons and is now thinking about maybe serving a mission in a year or so!! He was seriously so prepared!
    This week we found another girl named Yamilda. She is 21 and when we talked to her at the bus stop her 9 month year old baby had just passed away 2 weeks prior due to heart problems. We were able to meet with her last saturday for about 15 minutes and teach her a little more about the plan of salvacion and she really liked it and had a lot of good questions. The only problem was that her dad wasnt too happy to see us when he entered the room. when we greeted him i told him that it was nice to meet him, and answered back saying ´´its not for me´´. So we have a little work to do to soften his heart. But he at least allowed us to come back this week on wednesday!
   Well this week we had interviews with President Goates. He was planning on have 20 minute long interviews with each missionary, but i had like an hour long talk with him which was awesome! Of course we talked about the zone and the needs there but after spent the rest of the time on three topics: the creation, the fall, and the atonement. He really made it clear on how those three things are the three pillars of our faith. I literally came out of that room feeling I could take on the world! There are just so many learning opportunities in the mission and that is why it is such an important time of growth!! Thank you so much for all that you do. I hope you have an amazing and I love you all so much!! 

Elder Wengert-W9

PS-Dallin, i dont stand like that anymore alright!! Just a warning, you  now have only 5 months to prepare yourself for a good game on the court haha!!

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