Monday, October 6, 2014

Go Conference!!

  Wow, so how great was conference?!! I dont even think i can single out my favorite talk from it. Whether it be Elder Ballards Old Ship Sion, Presidnent Uchtdorfs ´´is it !?´´. Elder Bednars talk to all the investigators (and Agustine was there to hear that talk!!), or Elder Packers about the Atonement. But i think one of my favorites was definatly by good ol President Monson about how a man without a purpose is like a ship without a rutter. How true is that statement. Just like that german battleship, without truly understanding our purpose in this life and using our rutter to guide us, we will only by traveling in circles never being able to progress! But luckily we dont have to worry, because the Lord has given us every type of rutter we could possibly use to complete with our purpose and return to his presence. One amazing thing that i saw this conference came on saturday as another big storm hit San Luis and the streets were once again floooded. But still one by one and family by family, the members showed up to hear the Lords teachings. They showed up nice and soaking wet, but ready and excited for conference! So yes, i absolutely loved conference and got to watch the whole conference in english with the other gringos here in San Luis. What a blessing it is to hear the words of the Lord through His servants in your own language, even when in another country thousands of miles from home. Sounds like you all had a wonderful conference as well and a usual interesting yet exciting week. Im glad to hear that Weston is doing well and will keep his leg!! Oh, and welcome Olivia to the family. I hope she doesnt make Gracie jealous! Jordan, im glad to hear that you heard that I met Elder Randall. We talked a long time about Eric and how he is doing in the Naval Acadamy. But it sure is a small world!! Dad, im way excited to hear how well Arizona is playing right now. Does that put them in the top 25? Hey Dev, so i got an email from Haley Laulusa who is in Africa right now doing the same project that you did. But she is working in one of the schools that you built there and said that the people there still talk about you! So way to go!! Oh and Dad, tell Brother Peterson (Pau) hi back for me alright!
   So we had an interesting leadership meeting with President Goates this week while in Mendoza. But you have just got to love those times. Learning from such a special and inpirational man like him. The only bad part of that trip was traveling to mendoza when our bus broke down not just one time, but twice haha. Dang buses. But its alright, we still got there!
   So for the rest of my week! Agustin is literally just soaking up everything we are teaching him. He is progressing so well and loves the gospel. He came to 4 of the 5 sessions of Conference, including the priesthood session. He showed up to the chapel in a suit and everything. So on this saturday we will be having his baptism! I am way excited for him and he is so ready!! Other than Agustin, it was kind of a tough week for us. we got dropped by a few people, and plus didnt have a whole lot of time to work with being in Mendoza for consejo. But that is alright, becuase we need to continue on fearless. Fearless in building Sion, fearless in teaching our families, fearless in living the gospel and in all that we do! That is truly one message that really came through to me at conference this past weekend. No need to have fear becuse the lord is always with us. There is only a need to be fearless and trust in Him! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Wengert-W9

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