Monday, November 11, 2013


     How is it already another week. So crazy haha! But this week has been a good one, and it sounds like it was good one for all of you as well. Jordy Poo, way to go with your talk you crazy girl haha! Im proud of you! And Jordy and Naes, way to go makin Varsety bsketball, that will be so much fun for you too. Tan Man, good luck in your championship game, kill it for me! Remember, get a pancake as center for me and I´ll take you out for a pancake breakfast! Well in just over 16 months haha! Dad, we are not using facebook and ipads here. Like 3 months President was talking to us missionaries about how technology like facebook and ipads are being used to strengthen missionary work. All of us were getting pretty excited thinking were going to start using them. And then president said, ´´But here we wont be using them´´. Maybe facebook someday, but the theft problem is too big to use ipads haha. I have even seen an apple product here in Argentina since iv been here! Sounded like a close and exciting game for U of A. Do we know if the Cats will be going to a bowl game yet? Hahahaha, is there a Costco here in Alvear? No way, but that would be awesome!! We would never need to go shopping.Just head over there for luch and eat the free samples!
     Well this week was pretty good for us. Tito Garcia is doing good. We went to his house yesterday after church and man it was an interesting experience. He was sitting there drinking his Mate (of course, its during the dang ciesta haha) with his sister and cousin. His sister is a Jehovah Witness and his cousin is a very very strong Catholic. We tried sharing a message with them but his cousin kept interupting us and not letting us teach. And somehow she was able to change our message from the Restauracion to abortion. And kept saying that she knows what she is talking about because she is a health professional haha. But what was way awesome was how Tito would step in at times and protect us. But after a bit the lesson wasnt going anywhere and the spirit was missing, so we ended up kind of just leaving, but we are going back to Tito´s tonight to teach him. Hopefully we will have a little better luck this time haha! But this week we presented him the plan to stop smoking. He is kind of doing it. He has cut down from 60 cigarettes down to 45. But he isnt really taking it real real serious. So we are going to work on him with that!
    Patricia is doing well. We ended up not being to teach her this week, but she came to church yesterday, is paying her tithing, having family night, everything but marriage because of her husband. But yesterday her 9 year old daughter Celeste got up and shared her testimony. She was baptised about 6 months earlier. But it was just the sweetest and very powerful testimony. Patricia was sitting in the back of the chapel crying and were able to see how much it truly touched her. We have a cita with her this week where we are really going to set some good goals with her about speaking to her husband and get him excited about marriage.
     So we have one investigator named Damian Gila. He lives with a less active member named Vanina. But Vanina had 2 marriages in the past that really hurt her, and so now she is afraid to get married to Damian. Well more than just afraid, but refuses to. We have been teaching Damian and Vanina for about 2 months now with no luck. Damian knows the church is true, and wants to get baptised, but he truly loves Vanina and so he doesnt want to leave her to get baptised. But this past week we passed by there house and only Damian was home. So we sat down with him and had a good powerful lesson with him. At the end Damian started crying and told us ´´Elders, I want to get baptised! But right now I cant because of Vanina. Please, help me!´´. It was just awesome to see him trust us enough to turn to us for help. So we have decided that we are now going to be focusing on them this next week. Damian asked us for help, and we are going to help him. The thing is, we have tryed so many things. So Im not really sure what we are going to do to help him. But somehow how we are going to!!
    Well everybody, thank you so much for all of your love and support! Oh Mom, one thing! Could you get me an address of Quinton Lamoreaux. Thank you so much! Grandpa Allen, Happy Veterans Day, I love you! I hope you all have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you next week. Love you all!

Elder Wengert-W9

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