Monday, November 18, 2013

This is my life, and it´s the best!!

Hello from the land of the heat!!,
      Ok, i personally think it´s not quite as hot as the sumers back at home. But there I could go inside into the wonderful air conditioning. And here, air conditioning doesnt exist unless you are rich haha. If we are lucky we find a house that has a little fan that we huddle around haha! But it gets pretty difficult to sleep at night when your sweating a fool and your clothes are sticking to your skin haha! Our white shirts have been getting pretty grose, but last week we had one of the hermanas in the branch offer to wash them for us. What a blessing that is, seriously haha. She is the sweatest old lady, and we are teaching her husband right now who isnt a member. Its so crazy to the think how last week on wednesday marked my one year mark of recieving my mission call. And looking back at all that happened. I truly am a different person than that boy who opened that white envelope. Its amazing how much the mission has changed me, and I still have 16 months of learning and growing to go. Bring it on baby!!! Kole is engaged!! I didnt even know he was dating somebody. But way to go man, that is awesome. I am super excited for you! I dont know if Uncle Brian gets my emails. But we visited my branch president this week and he started telling about when he was baptised and he showed me pictures of the missionary that baptised. The missionary that baptised him now lives in Kaysville. His name is Ralph Blood. Thought I would just ask and see if you happened to know him!
       Tan Man, you truly are the man!!!! Way to go buddy, im proud of you. And I love seeing you repping the #2 haha! Keep up the hard work! Grandma, to answer your question no, we dont have any cars here. We only have 4 areas in the mission that uses bikes (and I happen to have one of those right now haha), and all the rest is all walking. Grandpa, I always keep my eye out for some good gaucho items. I would love to bring home an argentine saddle. But that may be a little difficult. But I am going to try haha!
       Sounds like Thanksgiving is going to be great! Unfortunatly (im sorry, my english continues to get worse haha) they dont celebrate it here. But maybe some members will try something for us. The members feed us well here. We have lunch everyday of the week with somebody. But the thing is here in Argentina, there is no such as dinner. So everyday we eat lunch and then work all the day through until we go back to the pension. Im finally kind of getting used to it and not starving all day, only a little hungry haha!
        Well this week was pretty good. Tuesday we had interviews with Presidente Avila. I seriuosly love this guy so much! He is such a smart and spiritual man. So intuned with spirit and is able to help us so much with our areas. Before he was called as a mission president he was a member of the 70, so he just has the greatest advice and loves us missionaries so much!
        We were able to teach Patricia this week and found out some good news. She was able to talk to her husband and he now wants to get married as well. They are going to be finishing up the marriage papers inabout a week, get married, and Patricia is more than ready for baptism! Its so exciting to see! Then Tito is doing well. Keeps progressing and is at about 10 cigarettes a day. But we have him on date for the the 14th of December. We just need to really get serious with him dropping smoking and get him to come to church. We passed by yesterday morning before church but he was sleeping and didnt answer the door. But he told us that he would come to church with us next week! So we will remember that promise for sure through this week! It´s still a little difficult with Damian. Vanina is still pretty hesitant about marriage. But we found out this week that she is pregnant, so I think with this it has made her think of marriage a little bit more! But we continue working with them and see some growth little my little!
        Well, it´s about time to take the white shirts to get cleaned and to head on over to the capilla to play some futbal haha! I love you all so much and thank you for all of your love and support. Dont worry about me here. I am doing great, never been better! Travel safe for the holidays and eat a bunch of extra pie for me! Have a great week and cant wait to hear from you next week! Love you!

Elder Wengert-W9

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