Monday, January 5, 2015


   Well here it is, 2015!!! I honestly dont know what happened to 2014. It feels like it just barely started. But the new year is now here, so bring it on!!! Sounds like you all had a great break filled of great food and everything! Jordy, way to go with your camera. You are actually really good. Naes, keep ballin it up out there on the court (you too Jordan), and Tan, im glad to hear that you like your tie. I really like what Dad said, because if that tie could talk, Im sure it would have some interesting stories haha! And it officially snowed in Marana, well look at that. It is hard to believe that it is cold there while it is burning up here in Retiro. But hey its all good, all part of the missionary experience! Teddi, good luck with your surgery tomorrow. You on count of my prayers for you! 
   Well everything is going good here in Retiro. Elder Hernandez and I are working good together. Even if we are very very different. I think our only thing in common is our love for mexican food haha. But he is a great hard working missionary. Our New Years was also way fun. We werent allowed to leave the pench on the 1st, so we spent the 31st and the 1st as a District in the area of Albardón. We cooked ourselves our own asado, played some futból, and had a nice first day of the year. But it is a relief that it is all over and we can now fully focus our whole week to the work. 
   Margarita is doing very well. She has such an amazing testimony and her desire to follow Christ is incredible, but there are still many problems with her the husband. Every time we go over there, he just shuts himself up in a room and doesnt even want to talk to or see us. But she is just so great. We passed by on Friday and we were teaching her about the Plan of Salvation. Right in the middle of the lesson she stops us and tells us ´´my friend really needs to learn about this. Want to go visit her with me?. So we went with her right then and were able to talk to her friend Olga. In the end she wasnt interested, but that is alright. Margarita and us, we did our part and will be blessed for it! She has told us that, if it comes down to it, she is willing to leave her husband to follow it. But of course the best case sinario would be to get baptized while still being able to stay with him. So that is our goal for this week, to meet her husband and be able to talk to him for a bit!! 
   This week we also found another great lady, named Teresa Alaniz. Tuesday afternoon, we saw her sweeping out in front of her house. So we stopped and talked to her. We found out that she is a widow of 15 years and is now raising her 9 children on her own. As we were talking to her, she realized that when her husband was alive, he talked a lot to the missionaries. He was about to get baptized, but he passed away before it was possible. For this reason, she allowed us sit down with her and teach her a little more. At the end, her and one of her sons Gabriel, accepted baptismal dates for the 31st of this month. She was so excited to come to church on Sunday, but when it came around, she didnt show up. So we passed by later that afternoon and found out that she was all ready to go, but there was an emergency with her Mom´s health. But after she told us about how she had been reading the Book of Mormon and then prayed. Right after finishing her prayer, she told us that the sun came shining through the window right into her face. She told us that she took that as her answer and is now excited to keep reading. Oh how the Lord is a god of miracles. I have seen it over and over and over again. But it never fails to amaze me. There are so many people prepared and they want what we have. We just need to find them and help them realize it. What a blessing the mission has been, and it has literally changed my life. I cant believe how little time I have left. But hey, all the more reason to work even harder! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Wengert - W9

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