Monday, November 17, 2014

Just another day Pringles!

   Hello once again. I dont know how it is Monday already, but hey its here again. Sounds like everybody is doing good. Tan, way to ball it up on the court. Start working now to block dads fade away shot (it´s the only move he has haha). Jordy and Naes, good luck with your scrimmages this week. Im sure you will be looking good on the court with your SICK shoes like Jordan said haha! I bet it was so great spending the week with sweat little Beau! All this kids are getting so big, I cant believe it! The temple dedication sounded awesome as well. There is a temple here in Argentina, in Cordoba, that should be done fairly soon. Being just to the right of San Luis, it would make trips so much easier for members here. They always travel about 14 hours to Buenos Aires, or about 8 hours into Chile. So that temple will be a huge blessing for everybody here! I cant believe that Sara is home and that Aubrey gets home on Friday. Just shows how precious the time is here on the mission! Dad, i remember talking to Dan Post about that first Branch here in Mendoza. Now in Mendoza there are 4 stakes and 2 districts. Just shows how miracles come from planting that first seed. 
   Well, this was really a great week. DarĂ­o is really doing great as well! We taught him the word of wisdom on Saturday and have now started with him to quit smoking. But if you could keep him in your prayers, i would really appreciate it! Things have gotten a little more complicated with the Familia Caballero. Even after the Book of Mormon experience where we know he felt the spirit very strongly, Luis has kind of turned his back to the church. So more than anything we wanted to show them that we are here to serve and to love them. So we got to go over with them and do some service for them. They are building an apartment behing their house to rent out, so we went over there on Friday and worked with them for a few hours. It was a lot of fun and hopefully gained a little more of their trust! Hermana Ana was planning on coming to church on Sunday with their 5 kids, but they ended up not coming and we dont know why. But we will be passing by their house soon and hopefuly we can clear up some doubts and be those guides that we are meant to be!
    This week we also found some way solid new investigators. A few of them are the Famila Blanco. We knocked their door and allowed us to come back another day. We taught them the Restauration and the dad, Javier, right off the back accepted a baptismal date for the 13 of December. His wife, Estafani, is a little tougher and didnt accept the invitation. But that is alright. Just a mixture of time and the spirit will fix that right up!
   So to end with kind of a funny story, and im sure im going to hear all about this from Tan, Jordan, and Naes. But this week i kind of got in a fight with a tree. The sidewalks here are pretty torn up most of the time so to keep from tripping or falling you always keep your eyes focused on the ground. And so yea i was stairing at the ground and didnt see the low branch of the tree that caught me right in the head haha. But it wasnt too bad. Not too much blood and my hair coffers up the cut so nobody can even see it. But no worries. No tree of any size can take this missionary out!! I hope you all have another great week and I look forward to hearing from you next monday!

Elder Wengert-W9

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